Our Founder

Hi! I’m Sarah, proud Founder and the heart and soul behind Rejuuv.

Growing up on the Northern Beaches, I was lucky to be surrounded by a community that valued a wholesome, active lifestyle. This environment ignited my curiosity about wellness and the incredible power of superfoods. I’d spend hours in the kitchen, crafting delicious smoothies and experimenting with innovative juice blends.

My journey in wellness is fuelled by a simple desire – to help you feel your absolute best. Rejuuv is more than a juice cleanse; it’s a thriving, nourishing community dedicated to supporting your quest for vitality and that glow from the inside and out.

The unwavering support from our customers has been nothing short of amazing, week after week. It’s your trust and enthusiasm that has propelled Rejuuv to its current heights, and for that, I’m deeply thankful. To all of you who’ve placed orders, shared our story, become a part of our Rejuuv family, and cheered us on – it truly means everything to me. Thank you.

As always, with love,
Sarah x

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At Rejuuv, our dedication to sustainability goes beyond words – we take action to make a positive impact on our environment.

We are proud to share that we actively reduce waste by collecting, cleaning, and sterilising our packaging materials for reuse.

Glass Jars:

Our delicious juices are packaged in high-quality glass jars. Once you’ve enjoyed every last drop of our nourishing blends, we carefully collect these jars, thoroughly clean and sterilise them, and give them a new life! By reusing these jars, we’re together reducing single-use waste and supporting a more sustainable future.

Packing Boxes:

Your juice cleanse arrives in a meticulously packaged box that not only safeguards your order but is also part of our sustainable packaging loop. We collect these boxes and then use them again for shipping, ensuring that their life cycle extends beyond a single use. By choosing Nacho Average Meals, you’re contributing to a greener world.


With every cleanse, we’re thrilled to include a reusable straw for you to conveniently enjoy your cleanse. These straws are a small token of our commitment to a greener tomorrow. So, every sip you enjoy is kind to you and the planet!

Suppliers & Our Produce

Nourishing Locals, Sustaining Communities!

At Rejuuv, we’re not just about providing nourishment for your body; we’re dedicated to nurturing the community we call home. That’s why we proudly source our fruits and vegetables from local suppliers.

By doing so, we not only ensure the freshest, most vibrant ingredients for your cleanse but also contribute to the livelihoods of our hardworking neighbours. Win-win!

Every apple, every carrot, every leaf of kale tells a story of a local farmer’s dedication and passion. We’re honoured to be a part of that story and grateful for the opportunity to bring their produce directly to your doorstep.

Together, we’re not just cleansing our bodies, but also nurturing the roots of our community. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

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Love Letters

  • "Thank you so much for your cleanse. Not a single hunger craving and left me feeling amazing. Definitely will be doing more and trying to convince my partner."

  • "Another awesome cleanse. Loving it! I'm amazed it's always the same. Top quality."

  • "Thank you for the wonderful nutrients in the cleanse. Round 2 was great, I'm definitely noticing less sugar cravings and clean eating doesn't feel like a chore. Hubby may also be keen to try next"

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